Recent Projects

Upcoming Tom Turkey Barn
October 19, 2020
This upcoming Tom Turkey barn is being built by Hart Boersma Construction. With the foundation complete, the framing is now well on its way! County Line Equipment will be installing the following features: Brooder Barn Side: Bulk Tech Bins Flex Auger Landmeco “kick-off” Feeding system Ziggity, D-Max Turkey drinkers Radiant Tube Heaters Vic Fans  & Fiberglass fans Tulderhof sidewall inlets 12” Baffle Genius I-Touch Controller Intelia Light Controller Finishing side: Bulk Tech Bins Flex Auger Chore-Time ATF Plus swing down pans Ziggity, T-Max Adult Turkey drinkers Box Heater Moncoque Fans & Fiberglass fans 16” Baffle Sprinkler system Genius I-Touch Controller Intelia Light Controller Stay tuned for more updates as this…
65′ x 500′ Single Storey Broiler Barn
July 7, 2020
Owen, Pam and Joel Wallace, Oxford County. Broiler facility built by Agrotec Construction. Highlight Features: Choretime Relia-Flo Drinkers Landmeco Kick-off Feeders Poultry Hawk Genius iTouch Control System SRP Superior Radian ALTX EvenHeat Tube Heaters TPI Ceiling Inlets for minimum ventilation Single Baffle Board Air Intakes 6′ x 60′ Cumberland Tunnel Door with Cumberland EvapPad and Cumberland Unitize RollSeal Doors Bulk Tech Bins Choretime Flex Auger Agri Alert Touch Alarm System
64′ x 300′ Broiler Barn
August 14, 2019
State of the art broiler facility built by Hart Boersma Construction. Highlight features: – new AVI heat Exchangers with automatic cleaning function – TPI ceiling inlets for minimum ventilation – continuous insulated baffle & large diameter AgriFans for maximum ventilation – Genius iTouch control system – Agri Alert Touch alarm system – SRP tube heaters – Landmeco Kick-off 330° Feeders – Choretime ReliaFlo drinkers – Bulktech feed bins Thanks to John & Tyler Hopkins for choosing CountyLine for their project.
65′ x 400′ Broiler Barn
European Style Ventilated barn with cathedral ceiling built by Domm Construction Highlight Features: – Skov LPV Ventilation – Low Power (Consumption) Ventilation – Advanced / Delayed modular inlets for precise air control – Chimney fans with Stepless / MultiStep logic – Skov Touchscreen Controls with FarmOnline data management & remote access – MultiHeat hot water heating system – Landmeco Kick-off Feeding system – Lubing Drinkers – Bulktech Feed Bins Thanks to Rudi for choosing CountyLine for both of your barn projects!