Recent Projects

New Broiler Barn
July 4, 2017
Nice broiler setup built and owned by the Pol family.  The focus was on efficiency but the project also shows the attention to detail you would expect from a quality home builder – which is what the Pol family is known for.  The barn features a dual-cross ventilation system paired with modular inlets for precise minimum ventilation.  SRP radiant tube heaters exhausted to outdoors ensures lower humidity and C02 levels for optimum bird welfare.  Control system is the new EDGE touchscreen and an Agri-Alert 128 touch both setup with remote access so no matter where they are in their day they can stay in touch with what is happening at the barn.…
Turkey Site
June 22, 2017
Efficient brood / grow setup for turkeys.  Brooder barn renovation & grower barn constructed by Hart Boersma Construction and shows the attention to detail they put into their projects.  Boiler systems installed by Airtech Heating & Cooling, electrical by Unitec Electric. Brooder Barn Features:  Hot water fin pipe heating & boiler system Cross ventilation with AgriFans & heat exchangers (Exacon) Genius i-Touch control system Choretime Liberty Poult feeding, Lubing Easyline with brooder cups for watering Bulktech feed bins Skov alarm unit with built in modem for text messaging Grower Barn Features:  Hot water fin pipe heating & boiler system Cross ventilation with AgriFans & heat exchangers (Exacon) Genius i-Touch control system Choretime ATF Plus…
64′ x 320′ Broiler
August 26, 2016
State of the art broiler facility featuring: Dual cross ventilation with Tulderhof minimum vent inlets Lead Air heat exchanger system with de-ice & cleaning cycles Hot water fin pipe heating system Landmeco feeding system & Lubing waterers all on automatic winching EDGE Ventilation controls Agri Alert 128 Touchscreen alarm system CBM LED lighting Thanks to Joel & Jaqueline for choosing Countyline to be a part of this project!
Broiler Barn
April 14, 2016
Boersma Family Farms, Mitchell ON This state of the art facility was built by Hart Boersma Construction in 2015.  For years Hart has built a reputation in the housing and construction industry by paying attention to the small details that give the whole project a high quality finish.  So when it came to his own poultry facility there was no exceptions as much thought and planning was put into the design & layout.  This barn breaks the mold of a typical broiler barn as the ventilation was designed to provide the best climate possible for the bird.  Although it was considerably more money the Boersma’s decided to install a hot…