Recent Projects

65′ x 500′ Single Storey Broiler Barn
July 7, 2020
Owen, Pam and Joel Wallace, Oxford County. Broiler facility built by Agrotec Construction. Highlight Features: Choretime Relia-Flo Drinkers Landmeco Kick-off Feeders Poultry Hawk Genius iTouch Control System SRP Superior Radian ALTX EvenHeat Tube Heaters TPI Ceiling Inlets for minimum ventilation Single Baffle Board Air Intakes 6′ x 60′ Cumberland Tunnel Door with Cumberland EvapPad and Cumberland Unitize RollSeal Doors Bulk Tech Bins Choretime Flex Auger Agri Alert Touch Alarm System
64′ x 300′ Broiler Barn
August 14, 2019
State of the art broiler facility built by Hart Boersma Construction. Highlight features: – new AVI heat Exchangers with automatic cleaning function – TPI ceiling inlets for minimum ventilation – continuous insulated baffle & large diameter AgriFans for maximum ventilation – Genius iTouch control system – Agri Alert Touch alarm system – SRP tube heaters – Landmeco Kick-off 330° Feeders – Choretime ReliaFlo drinkers – Bulktech feed bins Thanks to John & Tyler Hopkins for choosing CountyLine for their project.
65′ x 400′ Broiler Barn
European Style Ventilated barn with cathedral ceiling built by Domm Construction Highlight Features: – Skov LPV Ventilation – Low Power (Consumption) Ventilation – Advanced / Delayed modular inlets for precise air control – Chimney fans with Stepless / MultiStep logic – Skov Touchscreen Controls with FarmOnline data management & remote access – MultiHeat hot water heating system – Landmeco Kick-off Feeding system – Lubing Drinkers – Bulktech Feed Bins Thanks to Rudi for choosing CountyLine for both of your barn projects!