Poultry Products

Featuring industry standard products from brand names you have come to trust over the years like Choretime and Cumberland, CountyLine offers a full line of equipment for Broilers, Breeders, Layers and Turkeys.

Rotary Fork Poultry Bedding Management

Easily spread out straw or shavings to a nice level and depth of your choosing. Models of different sizes & attachment style to fit most machines. See videos of it in action on our YouTube channel.

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Deadstock Management

No one plans to have mortality within their flock however this is a reality no matter what size of operation you run. CountyLine offers several product lines to make sure you are equipped with the proper tools to remove the deads and turn them into something useful again.

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Omnivore Composter

Omnivore Composter - give it a whirl!

Poultry Hawk

Poultry Hawk dead bird removal - better than a bucket!

"The Talon"

The Talon Poultry Euthanizing System - Humane. Quick. Final.

Bulk Feed Bins

CountyLine offers a variety of solutions to fit any budget for your on-farm feed storage. Ranging from economical bolt-together galvanized bins to premium powder-coated welded steel bins. We also carry Poly feed bins which are perfectly suited for premixes.

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SeeLow Feed Inventory Monitoring

Simple management tool for tracking feed storage levels. Wireless installation, powered by the sun and no monthly fees.

Choretime Feed Bins

Chore-Time’s ALL-OUT® Feed Management Systems
Make Feed Storage Chores Easier & More Convenient

AP/ Cumberland Feed Bins

Cumberland is a part of GSI, the world’s largest manufacturer of corrugated, galvanized steel storage tanks and has over 35 years of bin manufacturing experience and technology.

Bulktech Welded Steel Feed Bins

Engineered for strength, finished for durability.

Bulktech Poly Feed Bins

Transparent tank allows you to view your feed level at any time.

Feed Delivery

Flex auger systems are a very popular way to deliver feed from the storage bin to livestock. Whether you need to get feed to your poultry pan feeders, sow drop feed systems, finishing feeders or dairy robots, flex augers are adaptable to most any situation. CountyLine stocks over 3000’ of auger in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
CountyLine also carries galvanized rigid augers for higher capacity feed delivery.

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Flex Flo Feed Delivery

Nothing beats AP's Flex-Flo™ Feed Delivery System in flexibility and adaptability. This system adapts to a variety of configurations and capacities to meet today's demanding production requirements.

Choretime Flex Auger

Chore-Time invented the FLEX-AUGER® Coreless Auger Feed Delivery System in 1961. In the years since then, Chore-Time’s FLEX-AUGER System has proven to be the most reliable and best system ever devised to deliver feed.

Floor Feeding

Countyline carries the best brands in the business when it comes to poultry feeding. Featuring the tried-and-true Hi/Lo feeder from Cumberland to the impressive Genesis Pullet & Breeder feeder from Chore-time we have the right fit for your application. Be sure to check out one of the newest feeders we carry – Landmeco. This Danish system will save you time and manual labour with the patented Kick-Off feeding and Easy-Clean pan rotation system.

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Automatic Winching

A great option for raising & lowering lines while keeping birds calm.

Landmeco Pan Feeding

Probably the best pan in the world. Now even better with 330° Kick-off flooding.

Cumberland Broiler

Cumberland manufactures a variety of broiler pan feeder models to accommodate the specific needs of each and every grower. We can help build a system that provides the performance you need to maximize the return on your investment.

Cumberland Breeder

Cumberland offers a feeding system to accommodate the specific needs of your breeders, pullets and males. All systems are designed for flexibility, low maintenance and reliability to keep down both installation and operating costs.

Cumberland Turkey

Cumberland’s Turkey Pan Feeders combine rugged designs and innovative features for enhanced performance and years of reliable service.

Chore-Time Revolution Floor Flood

Chore-Time’s complete broiler feeding systems provide
innovative design, proven performance and durability.

Chore-Time Konavi Broiler Feeder

Chore-Time's KONAVI® Feeder lets beaks in and keeps feet out!

Chore-Time Konavi Poult Feeder

Chore-Time’s Konavi Feeder’s open design
provides easy access to feed for poults while keeping them out of the pan.

Chore-Time Genesis Breeder Feeder

Specially created by Chore-Time for broiler breeders, Chore-Time’s GENESIS® Feeder is designed to provide simultaneous feeding of all birds with more eating space and reduced feed waste!

Chore-Time Genesis Pullet Feeder

Specially created by Chore-Time for broiler breeder pullets, Chore-Time’s GENESIS® Feeder is designed to provide uniform feeding of all birds with more eating space and reduced feed waste!

Chore-Time ATF+ Adult Turkey Feeder

Proven reliability PLUS added strength and size for today’s
bigger birds.

Floor Watering

Water is a crucial part in raising any poultry. The watering system needs to deliver sufficient amounts at every point in the system without causing wet litter. Countyline chose to work with products that perform crop after crop without compromising litter quality or components of the system. Contact one of our sales staff to help you choose which one is right for your application.

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Automatic Winching

A great time saver for periodic height adjustments. One of the most favored management options available.

Cumberland Broiler

Cumberland’s experience and engineering continue to bring to you a complete watering system loaded with innovations and features that promote large healthy birds and dry floors.

Cumberland Breeder

For Breeders and Pullets, Cumberland's HH20 (Lubing) FeatherSoft Hi-Flow Nipples with LitterGard Cups are the perfect choice.

Cumberland Turkey

The recipe for success is simple - an Easyline Nipple Drinking
System, then just add water.

Choretime Nipple Drinkers

Chore-Time’s drinkers provide a reliable flow rate consistent with the way birds drink.


As fuel prices rise farmers need to make sure they are getting the best best performance for their dollar from a heating system. Box heaters are a very economical space heating solution but may not be the best option for brooding applications. Radiant heaters are well suited to poultry barns because they give an even spread of heat focused where it is needed. Hot water heat is an emerging viable option as there is more pressure on producers from local gas codes and animal welfare to keep the products of combustion out of the confinement area. CountyLine has licensed gas fitters on staff to complete your install. Don’t get left in the cold by a supplier who can’t service what they sell!

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Variflame Heaters

AP and Cumberland introduce the next generation of high efficiency, direct fired heaters. Using high quality components and stainless connectors these units promise to have a long service life.

AV Series Tube Heaters

Be prepared to conquer the cold with Cumberland’s AV heaters.

Landmeco Hot Water Heaters

Landmeco's Calori-air offers the latest in hot water heating technology with exceptional output, quiet operation and ease of cleaning.

Superior Radiant Products

The SRP EVENGROW® line of infrared heaters offer the
best premium features available in the industry for optimum
production and maximum return on investment.


In our climate ventilation systems need to be flexible. Cold temperatures demand the system be precise, or heat (and money) will be wasted. Higher summertime temperatures require larger volumes of air movement to keep livestock cool and prevent losses in production. The system must also be able to adapt to everything in between without compromising air quality or efficiency. There are many different configurations possible when it comes to ventilation. That’s why many farmers have chosen CountyLine to help design their project. We offer solutions based on knowledge and experience as well as new products and current trends.

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BlueFan BF50

Versatile for new barns or replacement of older inefficient fans, the BF50 is the smart choice for energy efficiency. Available in multiple different configurations to suit your needs including variable speed.

55" BlueFan

High volume, high performance fan with motorized damper. Stop guessing when to uncover your large diameter fans - the damper operation ensures no backdraft when not in use.


The ESA-3000 air exchanger has different modes, depending on your needs. You will be able to easily manage your air flows and give your animals the precise ventilation they need.

Fiberglass Fans

AP / Cumberland offers a full line of fiberglass housing fans with the Performer series (12"-50"), Competitor Series (54") and Commander Series (Variable VFD).

Skov - Poultry

SKOV has the most efficient ventilation and farm management systems on the market.

Skov - Hog

Regardless of the size, layout and location of the livestock house, SKOV has a solution for creating optimum conditions
in the house – both for animals and people.

Tulderhof Inlets

The Flash air inlet system can be adjusted to suit almost any style of construction to properly direct the air into the building.

VIC Monocoque Fans

Superior minimum ventilation performance.

Cooling Systems

Proper ventilation design is key to livestock cooling, but this isn't limited to just fan power. Evaporative cooling can reduce inside temperatures as much as 7.5°C which can prevent critical heat stress. We carry misting systems as well as pad cooling systems. Contact our sales staff to see which system best suits your needs.

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Low Pressure Cooling

The Dramm system is unique as it uses standard well pressure (50PSI) to produce the fog used for evaporative cooling. No dependency on additional pumps to get the job done.

High Pressure Cooling

High pressure cooling uses stainless steel lines and a pump to deliver a very fine mist into the airstream by use of atomizing nozzles. The system runs at approx 800psi to deliver the highest cooling possible without wetting floors.

Weeden Sprinkler System

When the Weeden Sprinkler System turns on in short pre-set durations, the warm gentle rain droplets hit the birds and provide artificial perspiration. This causes them to stand up and releases captured heat underneath. Once up, birds will migrate to feed and water.

Climate Control

Today’s farmers have embraced technology to help manage their livestock facilities. Climate controllers are no exception and there is a growing number of products that help incorporate production functions with climate functions, allowing crucial management information to be available at the touch of a smartphone. This technology demands suppliers to keep trained employees on staff to help educate and service the end user. CountyLine is dedicated to the service of their customers and is constantly training staff on new technology as it becomes available.

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Honeywell Portable Sensors

High quality portable sensors to monitor the conditions in your facility. Most common versions are Ammonia (NH3) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) but other versions available. We offer calibration services as well.

Agrimesh Artificial Intelligence

Install, Plan, Relax. Let the Agrimesh Artificial Intelligence become your 24/7 employee to manage your climate functions and free your time for other management tasks, or just enjoy your free time!

EDGE Ventilation

Intuitive touchscreen controller interface with simple to use remote access for when you are on the go. Easy to expand for multiple rooms or barns.

Agri-Alert Alarm Systems

Peace of Mind - The Agri-Alert alarm system constantly monitors your operation and quickly notifies you upon the detection of common site problems or failures.

Skov Climate - Hog

Regardless of the size, layout and location of the livestock house, SKOV has a solution to create optimum conditions in the house - for both animals and employees.

Skov Climate - Poultry

Intelligent and user-friendly farm management systems featuring touchscreen controls and alarms. Integrate your facility with technology using FarmOnline remote management.

Genius iTouch

Features a host of software to run all your climate or production features, including heat exchangers, inventory of animals & feed, weigh stations and more.

Egg Production

For over 50 years Valli has been producing durable housing solutions for the feather industry. CountyLine is proud to offer these quality built products for pullets & layers. We can offer colony (enriched) versions in complete packages including the patented Travelling Feeder. We also offer alternative housing systems from Choretime like the Volito Vike & Volution for Aviary. Also from Choretime we offer the Volito Valego nest for hatching egg production.

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Valli Poultry Housing

Quality. Valli has stuck to this principal for more than fifty years, in continuous effort and with no comprimises, to the improvement of all products and services they offer.

Volito Volution Rearing

The road to successful Aviary systems starts with a rearing system that encourages bird movement at each stage of growth.

Vike Aviary

The Vike system offers many different configurations to provide an excellent alternative housing system that provides outstanding results.

Valego Nest

Available for hatching egg production, floor layer or as part of an Aviary system. Features the Rack Drive Expulsion system.