Feed Storage Products

CountyLine offers several different options for feed & grain storage, as well as complete solutions for augers & unloading.

Bulk Feed Bins

CountyLine offers a variety of solutions to fit any budget for your on-farm feed storage. Ranging from economical bolt-together galvanized bins to premium powder-coated welded steel bins. We also carry Poly feed bins which are perfectly suited for premixes.

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SeeLow Feed Inventory Monitoring

Simple management tool for tracking feed storage levels. Wireless installation, powered by the sun and no monthly fees.

Choretime Feed Bins

Chore-Time’s ALL-OUT® Feed Management Systems
Make Feed Storage Chores Easier & More Convenient

AP/ Cumberland Feed Bins

Cumberland is a part of GSI, the world’s largest manufacturer of corrugated, galvanized steel storage tanks and has over 35 years of bin manufacturing experience and technology.

Bulktech Welded Steel Feed Bins

Engineered for strength, finished for durability.

Bulktech Poly Feed Bins

Transparent tank allows you to view your feed level at any time.

Feed Delivery

Flex auger systems are a very popular way to deliver feed from the storage bin to livestock. Whether you need to get feed to your poultry pan feeders, sow drop feed systems, finishing feeders or dairy robots, flex augers are adaptable to most any situation. CountyLine stocks over 3000’ of auger in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
CountyLine also carries galvanized rigid augers for higher capacity feed delivery.

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Flex Flo Feed Delivery

Nothing beats AP's Flex-Flo™ Feed Delivery System in flexibility and adaptability. This system adapts to a variety of configurations and capacities to meet today's demanding production requirements.

Choretime Flex Auger

Chore-Time invented the FLEX-AUGER® Coreless Auger Feed Delivery System in 1961. In the years since then, Chore-Time’s FLEX-AUGER System has proven to be the most reliable and best system ever devised to deliver feed.