Meet our Sales Team

Neil Scholten
Owner and President

Neil started Countyline in 1998 on his farm outside of Palmerston. Today he remains an integral piece to Countyline’s operations and spends much of his time on the development of new products.

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Jon VanDonkersgoed
Sales Manager and Vice President

Jon joined Countyline in 2001 and has an extensive background in equipment installation and service. This knowledge is put to use to make sure that Countyline has the most comprehensive package available to the customer.

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Nathan Bell
General Manager & Scheduling

Nathan comes with over 15 years experience in the industry. He began on the installation crew with First Choice Agriquip and has been a part of all aspects of the business from Purchasing to Sales. Nathan is our general manager as well he looks after our job scheduling – which is no small task!

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Mark Damsma
Poultry Sales & Consulting

Mark is our specialist for broiler breeders as he not only has knowledge of the industry he also has real life experience from his own breeder operation. Mark works out of Clinton and covers areas in SouthWestern Ontario

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Jonathan Welch
Poultry Sales & Consulting

Many of you will know Jonathan as he has been in the poultry equipment business for over 20 years. Jonathan brings expertise from many different areas of poultry production but also with a specialty with Valli cage systems. Jonathan lives in the Guelph area and covers areas East of Elmira as well as Eastern Ontario.

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Mark Visscher
Hog Equipment Sales & Consulting

Mark spent many years with his own farming operation before starting into equipment sales. Mark has extensive product knowledge from his years as an inside sales rep and is now dedicated to hog equipment sales. Mark works out of the Listowel office and covers all of Ontario.

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Bert Meijering
Poultry Sales & Consulting

In 2013 Bert decided to expand his horizons and joined the Countyline team. He had owned & operated his own farm for many years but was eager for a new challenge - to help you get the product you need at the right price. Bert covers mid-western Ontario and is also our resident Omnivore specialist.

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Tim Wilson
Poultry Consultant

Tim has joined us in October 2022. He has been working in the poultry industry as a salesman since 2018. He works out of London and will be serving Sarnia to Niagara Regions. We welcome Tim to our team.

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